Welcome to the third installment of this Endgame account. We are at the very start of Trump's war to preserve himself from whatever fate might have in store. We can make only one prediction. It will span the scope of theater. It will be entertaining, When it is over millions on either side will be plunged into despair.

Trump's victims

We have among people we may know actors in the drama. Some know those who suffer midnight raids by Trump's forces. He has sought to bring police into the effort to rid the nation of unwanted persons, many who have done no harm at all, Or we may know persons who can tell of anxieties and suffering because of acts and threats of action that can do bodily harm.

We shall feature these victims. But now we have a heavy and sad thing to report. It is the sacrifice of a soul to the temptation represented by Donald Trump. When Reince Priebus demeaned himself by treating Trump as an idol during a cabinet meeting, people saw it as a low. This is worse.

Universal values tossed out

Unless Anthony Scaramucci holds universal values in such low esteem that he can trade them for their evil opposites, he is a man who today is mourning the loss of his very soul. The occasion of this was the deletion of 12 "old tweets" from his account because they obviously were at odds with the thinking of his new boss.

If the tweets he deleted were ones that personally insulted Trump, that would be one thing.

But these are tweets that at the time were spoken from the heart. They represented a union of heart and mind. They were conscious utterances of belief. They are not things you can delete and forget.

Descent into Trump hell

Either he has taken off garments and exposed himself nakedly to the world. Or he is trying to say what he once spoke from heart and mind no longer matter.

Below you can read the tweets in all their glory.

Scaramucci's credo

Here in condensed form are the beliefs Scaramucci was willing to jettison, to crucify, in order to please the unbridled ego of the bullying man he now says he serves.

I cannot believe it will last. There is some good in Scaramucci. He believed in the reality of climate change, more controls on guns, the right to defend against Trump attacks, and gay marriage.

He even rejected fiscal responsibility

Scaramucci believed in choice, social inclusion, and fiscal responsibility. Walls don't work, he. He voted for Obama. He sides on most social issues with liberals.

Now he will wield an ax for Donald Trump. How will he respond if reporters throw these beliefs back at him? This is a man who has sold his soul. He did not say he likes a mess of pottage. But that's the inference.