trump now has two options in the face of what is looking more and more like an avalanche of reasons why he needs to go. His first is to keep playing to his base and see if he can manipulate things so that the GOP remains afraid to do its Constitutional duty. Almost daily it appears that that cannot win for him.

The second option is based on the assumption that he will not stop the flood of behavior that is now underway. It is not merely what he does but what others in his circle do. For example just today the Justice Department has thrown a hand-grenade at every gay person in the US and at the millions and millions who have no problems with people's sexual preferences.

Protests like we have not seen

The second option also assumes that the level of protest as we approach mid-summer will exceed anything so far. Because Trump likes to foment violence and because emotions are raw, the pretext for a very ugly season is upon us. Assuming this twofold development, we can anticipate a further step toward the dictatorial control that observers have seen as potential from day one if not before.

History may mark this event as the point at which the die was cast. With Trump, it has always seemed that the worst has just occurred. But if you have been here for a long time you will see events like the Charleston shooting and this as seminal.

They delve deeply into our hearts and minds and the response is tangible and in some ways permanent.

The irony of it all

Jeff Sessions is the AG still. And the above provocation is his work. But Trump is treating Sessions with such cruelty that he is losing conservative support. This behavior will be magnified if it continues.

Will Trump suddenly defend gays? Don't count on it unless it would buy him some time in an End Game.

The Russia matter continues to drive everything

I have explained in prior installments of End Game the persistence of the Russia matter and I offer as a conclusion to this the latest from Keith Olbermann who is almost rabidly for Trump's Removal.

I know that and everyone else does too. But he is also a lucid and thorough reporter who deserves respect. I have felt, with him, that most of the evidence needed to be rid of Trump is under our noses. The video that follows seems like a reasonable summary of what everyone would know if they had followed things the way Keith has.

Of course, the case is not closed. But we are in a conclusive phase. Events are plummeting toward something. We do not know what will happen later today, tomorrow, the next day. But we know what is likely when a big event hits. We knew with Charleston that a church would lead America to remember what forgiveness is. Today we know we are about to learn what serious protest of Donald Trump may mean.