President Donald Trump is once again spreading fake news in order to manipulate the American people. If you pay close attention, he has a method to his madness and a pattern of saying something outlandish whenever a truth has been revealed regarding Russia. This time he said that Vladimir Putin probably preferred Hillary Clinton had won the election. He is trying to distract from the fact that his son was looking for damaging information against Hillary Clinton.

The President is sly and slick like the Grinch

The President of the United States brings to mind a rhyme from the TV cartoon "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." "The Grinch was so sly and so slick he thought up a lie and he thought it up quick." Everyone knows that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election by hacking Clinton's emails.

It has widely been stated that Vladimir Putin does not care for Hillary Clinton and wanted President Trump to win. Now that his son Donald Trump Jr. admitted talking to a Russian lawyer to get damaging information on Clinton, the President says Putin wanted her to win all along.

The 45th President flows in his lies so easily. And he says them with such ease and in a calm voice, it is troubling. He never addresses any facts that are presented to him but always says something that makes absolutely no sense. With all the evidence being compiled regarding Russia and his own son's testimony implying the Russians were against Hillary Clinton why would the President say something so preposterous?

The President's mental health needs to be evaluated

The former prime minister of the Austrailian labor party, Julia Gillard, believes a serious look into the mental health of President Donald Trump should take place. Even those who defend him must see that something is wrong when a man lies and manipulates all the time. And that man has been voted into the office of leader of the free world.

There obviously is a big fire behind all the smoke related to Russia. If not, why does the President try so hard to redirect Americans whenever a new revelation is brought forth?

The truth remains the same, but lies are easily exposed because the liar has to fabricate additional fake news in order to cover up the previous lie.

When Donald Trump said Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower and had no evidence, this should have been a sign of serious emotional issues. A sitting president lies on his predecessor and gets away with it. He has been getting away with his alternative facts ever since. And he probably will continue until he is out of office. Hillary Clinton must be laughing until it hurts at this new fabrication. Vladimir Putin is most likely in stitches as well.