Objective Americans, whether you voted for Donald Trump or not, can surely realize that his method of operation is not very presidential. Even though he has not previously held a public office, his behavior is still considerably over the top. Recently our Commander In Chief, conducted himself in a respectful manner when honoring a fallen navy seal. Many believed he had turned a corner and would now step up to the plate as leader of the free world. It did not happen and there is a reason. There is a method to the madness of Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump is a wheeling dealing business man.

He is 70 years old and has been operating in the same vein for his entire adult life. There are reasons we should not expect that he would be able to suddenly change his actions, and become more presidential, Unfortunately, a lot of Americans believe he will. So far they are wrong. In my opinion, Donald Trump is an older male who is set in his ways. His method has worked thus far, so why would he be willing to change? Dorothy, (Trump) has not yet realized he is no longer in Kansas but is continuing to operate as though he were and he is toying with the lives of the American people.

A pattern to the madness

Donald Trump has a pattern of what the young folk call 'throwing shade.' Our current president makes unsubstantiated claims in order to deflect from himself.

Long before he decided to run for president, citizen Trump began the birther movement, where he insisted that then President Barack Obama was not born in America. He later retracted this statement when proof positive came forth that Obama is indeed a US citizen. He has been consistent in this method of discrediting others.

During his campaign, candidate President Trump accused Ted Cruz' father of being associated with Lee Harvey Oswald who shot president John F Kennedy.

That was pretty extreme. Now, without offering any credible evidence he is accusing former president Barack Obama of having his office at Trump Towers, wiretapped. This recent claim is causing even Republicans in the White House to raise their eyebrows, and consider the madness.

Utter madness

In conclusion, I believe it is dangerous for our Commander in Chief to operate this way.

If it continues he will become like the little boy who cried wolf, and no one, not even his fiercest defenders will believe him. His obsession with tweeting on Twitter rather than focusing on the issues of the people he swore to govern is disturbing. When backed into a corner, he throws stones, ignoring the fact that he himself is living in a glass house. Donald Trump rolls along, signing his executive orders, without bringing forth proof of the accusations he hurls at others. Utter madness.