Julia Gillard, the former Australian Labor Prime Minister and current chair of Beyondblue, has words of warning about President Trump's mental status. She says the methods of the media could contribute to his erratic behavior. This may explain why Donald Trump was caught on film pushing the Prime Minister of Montenegro back and stepping in front of him during NATO. Gillard says she understands that while some joke about the President's mental capacity, others in the media believe there should be a genuine concern.

Donald Trump loves the spotlight

President Trump loves the spotlight and likes to win. He argued that he had a larger share of the popular vote during the election that Hillary Clinton and stated that more than 3,000 Democratic votes cast for his rival were illegal. He next said that he had a larger crowd at his inauguration that former President Barack Obama. Video's and photo's proved him wrong. He took his grandstanding to a new level when he pushed the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of the way during NATO.

The Donald quickly moved in front of this world leader as if they were rivals. He adjusted his tie, held his head erect and stuck out his chest as if he had won some type of competition.

Consider the words of the Beyondblue chair about how much of what the President does in seeking attention because of a narcissistic personality. And what portion of his behavior is media induced?

Gillard gives valid reasons we should be concerned

According to Gillard, the media may play a role in why many believe The President is an embarrassment to the American people.

She said that she has experienced anxiety because of media attacks related to her small breasts and the status of her relationship with her partner, Tim Mathieson. She said she had to question how much of the negative media headlines get in her head and stayed with her. And she had to learn not to allow it to get inside her head.

The former Prime Minister goes on to say that the rapid media cycle of today along with social media are a cause of stress for public figures. She said she could announce a multi-billion dollar policy in the morning and by noon the media would be hounding her for another story. Could this pressure to constantly produce news be a reason President Trump tweets so often? Is he simply trying to stay relevant, dealing with mental illness or job-related stress, or is he all there? Julia Gillard has given us much to ponder.