Have things finally started to turn around for the DC Cinematic Universe? It had to go horribly wrong before it could get any better I suppose, and DC managed to hit that low point during “Suicide Squad.” Even though everyone expected the “Wonder Woman” to fall flat as well, it managed to become the best DC film to date in the new cinematic universe, and it set the perfect tone for their upcoming film Justice League.” DC released a new trailer for their biggest film to date at Comic-Con last night, and it is good to report that the trailer isn’t entirely disappointing or controversial for once.

Going All In

It isn’t an understatement to say that DC needs the upcoming “Justice League” film to click. They have been struggling with their choice of tone for several movies now, switching randomly between dark and humorous, until they hit the sweet spot with “Wonder Woman.” That sweet spot included showcasing the heart of their superhero, a pure cultural icon with decades of history, and everything fell into place after that. If they strike that balance with “Justice League” as well, the power struggle between DC and Marvel could be flipped on its head.

The trailer offered a promising start to this revival, showcasing the mightiest heroes on the planet as a team for the first time. They are operating in unison because of profoundly terrifying conditions, specifically the appearance Apokolips and a Parademon Army.

They have been sent to Earth by Thanos…sorry Steppenwolf, in order to retrieve the three infinity stones… I mean Mother Boxes!

In order to tackle these powerful new foes, Batman has to band together with the most powerful individuals he can find, and therein lies the origin story of the “Justice League.” Superman and Green Lantern aren’t a part of this new team so far, although a mysterious and powerful individual does make a surprise visit to Alfred at the end of the trailer, prompting everyone to believe that the Man of Steel is back.

What to expect

We got to witness a lot of new action set pieces during this trailer, the coolest ones involving Wonder Women (no surprise!), and Aquaman (big surprise!). We also got to see a lot of conversation between the heroes, the most powerful one involving the scene where Diana asks the team to stick together as they prepare for battle.

That dialogue alone makes me hopeful that this is a different kind of origin story for a team. We got “Suicide Squad,” “The Avengers,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” all reluctantly banding together to fight off a greater advisory, so the “Justice League” really needs to take a different direction to make a connection with the audience. That direction, as I mentioned earlier, could involve showcasing heart, and that just might save the franchise.

You can catch the new trailer below.