A Federal Appeals Court has allocated yet another disappointment to #Trump's executive order restricting travel from six #Muslim-majority countries into the #United States on a temporary basis.

The verdict from the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals

Thursday’s verdict, a 10-3 vote from Virginia’s 4th US Circuit court of appeals sustains a lower court's pronouncement to cease core measures of the executive order indeterminately. Previously, the Trump administration modified the executive order to enhance proper examination better than the recent version.

In a report, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, "This Department of Justice will forcefully uphold the power and obligation of the Executive Branch to defend the citizens of this country from threat, and will pursue evaluation of this situation in the #US Supreme Court.”

Trump has maintained a consistency that the measure is essential to avoid potential terrorist attacks and defend national security.

Previous opponents and courts that blocked the enforcement have cited past proclamations from Trump and his advisors, indicating that it may focus primarily on Muslims.

Did Trump's remarks on travel ban during his campaign hurt him?

Chief Judge Roger Gregory stated that Trump’s declarations on the campaign trail regarding Muslims revealed that the amended order was the outcome of religious opposition.

Such discrimination would violate the First Amendment’s injunction on government organization of religion.

The courts made great use of Trump's remarks during his campaign when he advocated an embargo on Muslims from entering the US as substantiation in contradiction of the executive order.

The Trump administration argued that deliberation of campaign pomposity could freeze political discourse safeguarded by the #First Amendment.

“That was not an issue,” Judge Gregory commented.

What will come next?

In a statement, Senior Press Secretary Michael Short said, "We are in threatening periods and will use all available tools at our disposal to stop terrorists from coming into the United States and compelling acts of violence,"

Although Trump swore to fight the verdict, he did not petition to the Supreme Court. Instead, he and his administration entered a modified executive order. However, this time, the Trump administration will appeal, paving the way for a serious constitutional confrontation.