The sun is shining on a beautiful summer that is full sunshine. It is a happy time for people who have good Jobs with secure salaries, but for those who want to get a job or look for a career change, no matter what the weather, life is full of challenges.

Work from home job scams

I looked through a lot of job advertising, and have found that there are lots of them selling business marketing systems online. These are not the kind of jobs that you can start and get paid for your work.At the very least you will have to wait months or even years to get something back for all your hard work.

The situation is not so bad for people who have enough money to wait for that to happen but for other who are really desperate such offers often just bring more financial burdens.

I have friends who studied some excellent courses at College, and they were full of hope that they could get a good job when finished. Unfortunately, a few of them bought into internet marketing systems which cost a lot of money and it has never worked for them.

Online jobs

I have been trying to change jobs and I thought that this a good time to do something different for myself. I was not well and did not have the motivation to work too hard at my old job. It turns out I spent a lot of time registering and working at Internet scams. I have experienced some fake jobs too.

I was not alone it seems, as this week The Telegraph reported that one in ten people become victims of fraud and online cyber crime.

As a result of this, I have made a strong resolution to not fall into Internet scams ever again. Increasingly, I notice that they seem to be as popular as ever since I had some trouble with these types of ugly scams last year.

Fake websites

I bought fake websites and waited for their delivery but nothing ever happened. You know what? They called me on the phone to advertise the product so I thought this must be a good company. My bank has worked hard to help me get the money back. Thanks a lot to them.

Nowadays the scams seem to be increasing rather than decreasing.

Once I fell into an Internet marketing scam where I had to fight for a refund after I never got the real deal. They sent me emails so many times and pretended they were sending them from my close friends on Facebook. At first, I believed them but later I found out that was a scam. This has been a good experience as I have since become much more careful on the Internet.

From now on I will remember that I should rather get onto a proper career path. Although I have been offered a job in the United Kingdom on a one year contract, I am still checking details to confirm this is a real offer and not a scam. Thank goodness that I am becoming wiser now. So to everyone who thinks that making a living off the Internet is easy, my advice is to rather go and get a real job.