Brian Eno is a legend in this genre, Ambient music which was made for airports because he thought it could reduce stress and negative emotions. It has advantages over other forms of music because of the sounds, visual displays of landscapes and nature, and it can benefit our lives.

Ambient for airports

Brian Eno wrote the article ”Ambient Music for Airports” in 2004, which concentrated on music as an environmental background. This form of music began in the 1950's by Muzak Inc., and that is where it initially got the name of 'Muzak'.

It used the sounds of an orchestra in a quiet manner so the sound was soft and captivated audiences.

What is ambient?

Brian described ambient as a surrounding, a mood or an atmosphere that defined a place. It has an ability to produce a calm and relaxed environment, unlike traditional background music that usually puts the audience in a great mood.

The Ambient is soul music

This artistic creation is reflective and attractive to listen because of its charm. Brian used the sounds of nature and landscapes to enhance his music videos, and in them, every part contained a scene. The background and foreground were in the same phase, with no clear barrier from each other.

Ambient video

The ambient video usually displays motion graphics of waterfalls, fire, nature and mountain landscapes that are abstract, interesting and beautiful.

It supports close viewing at any time through the screen saver functionality, and the scene could change from a “slow form” into fast pace video of “short-form,” and it should come with ambient music background.

The effects of this genre on shoppers

This survey monitored consumer behaviors when they shopped with the music background, and the team observed the reaction time of customers when they decided to buy or not to buy an item.

They believed that Ambient Music or Muzak was the most practical use for marketing businesses because it stimulated buyers cognitive decisions more than the other forms. The consumers spent less time buying the wanted items and equally spent less time making a decision on unwanted items.

They indicated that there would be further study on this matter, but the field study had found significant relationships between ambient music and the shopper’s decision about purchasing an item.

I think this is right for me and this finding is helpful for my future shopping, and I will be more conscious about what I want to buy. The good news is this study will be useful for marketing people to improve their sales revenue.