As a typical Virgo man, you are a perfectionist, to say the least, you have an eye for detail and love having things in order. You are extremely efficient in everything you do.


You are honest by your very nature you make no bones about saying how you feel about what people do and say. You are sometimes very critical of things that your spouse or significant other does and this very often may cause some challenges and can be very annoying to them, as you will make sure you tell them how you feel about what they are doing. You are very conscious about your health and take it seriously, you are not one to miss a doctor or dental appointment.

You should make sure you take your vitamins and exercise each and every day to keep you good health. Today your sign is calling for you to focus on your future; you have been asking yourself where you would like to see yourself in the next five years, as you are no longer happy in your current job. This is something you have been thinking about for a while but have not made a serious decision about it yet. You have made some great strides in your career over the past year, but you are not happy anymore and you know there is something missing that you need to find to feel complete.

This would be a great time to take a vacation and spend some time brainstorming and figuring out your next move.


Today you are brimming with big and new ideas. They are very practical and workable, indeed, but you have to convince your colleagues to buy into them. You know for sure how they can make such progress in your workplace if they can work as a group. For some of you, today will be the day to make sure that you have all the necessary facts and figures at your fingertips, and also a good pen to sign on the dotted line, that cheque is your ticket to the big league!

For others, today is the day for you to be very careful when dealing with your Money or possessions, as the stars show that you could experience some trouble along the way. If you are buying an item, make sure it is not defective before you purchase it and that you get the correct amount of change back. If you are depositing money, double check that it has been placed on the correct account.

When leaving home, be sure that you have locked and secured your home properly and that all equipment is unplugged and the gas turned off. Since Virgos are not very good risk takers, you need to either learn to deal with your finances or have someone assist you as you could fall into some serious debt that will hold you back for a few years.