Focus on your well-being today. You always help others, but you should spend some time dealing with your problems if you want to stay happy.


There might be a conflict or argument today between you and somebody that is important to you. This will cause you stress, which can lead to a migraine, a regular headache, tiredness, insomnia or even more stress. Do not let little things to ruin your day. Try to sit down and talk about the issue with that particular person. From your Point Of View, you might be right about the topic, but do not forget to consider his or her point of view as well.

It has a high chance that it is completely different from yours and still correct. Keep in mind, that the world is not only black and white, but there are also a lot of shades of gray, too. You need to treat your emotions like little people inside your head. Sometimes it is a wise thing to listen to them, but sometimes they can be cruel and evil, just like a real person. You have to decide whether they are right in that particular situation or not. On the other hand, when your heart is talking, listen to it. It can be wrong, indeed, but most of the time, it knows better what is important than your brain or your ego.


Today's planetary alignment is just perfect for spending a romantic night with your significant other.

Spending time together means a lot for both of you, but you do not seem to have enough time for it lately. This could cause problems change your relationship if you do not change your way of living. Slow down a bit, buy some wine and make yourself free for tonight. Youcan visit your favorite restaurant if you do not feel like cooking, or you could just take a long walk in a park nearby and talk on a bench under the trees.

You have quite a few options open to you tonight, especially regarding love and romance. If you are married, make plans together with your family. An exciting activity can bring all of you closer together. It does not have to be something special, a new board game or playing a ball game in your garden would be just perfect.

Make sure you let the children win so that they can feel special tonight.

If you are still looking for love, unfortunately, today is not your day when it comes to romance. Jupiter just left your love zone, which means that in the following period, it will be hard for you to find a romantic relationship. Do not worry, because when you finally do, it will be worth the waiting.