A business meeting or an unexpected conversation will give you something to think about where your future is going. You now have the opportunity to spend time in a country that has been calling to you for some years now.


What do you really have to lose by leaving your comfort zone and traveling around the world? This is a chance of a lifetime that you will not have to think twice about, you should simply say yes and go. If you are moving, today would be the perfect day to get the move into action, as the weather is nice and it will be sunny outside and all your friends and family are here to help you.

You will miss the old neighborhood, but you will love the new better, especially if it is by a lake the lake or near to nature. Your children will be happier being nearer to their school and friends and your spouse will have more free time. This is also a time for you to drink lots of water and exercise. You have been feeling a bit lethargic lately and that is simply because you have been spending too much time on your computer and not getting out to nature. Round up the boys and go bike riding in the country, you might even be able to get in a bit of fishing just for the fun of it. Whatever you do, just relax and enjoy yourself, the work will still be on your desk tomorrow.

This evening, have a quiet romantic dinner with someone who you are thinking about spending the rest of your life with, this could be the time to pop the question and get a positive answer.


Today will be a great day for you financially, you will see those pending business deals you have been working so hard on finally come to a close. This will open the door for a raise for you and your colleagues, it will also make room for a few more new business ventures to open up. The stars are saying that you can forge forward and open your own business this time; you are free to make that move towards to progress in your business and financial goals.

You partner is also ready to make that move with you and together you will be a force to reckon with in the business community. A dinner tonight will be a good time for you to increase your contacts; do not hesitate to make small talk, have a vision and share it with those who are present. Ask for what you really want, and you will be amazed that you will get a check for a substantial amount of Money to get your business idea off the ground. This will also be the time to make several professional relationships that will span several countries, believe me, you will need this to make your business a household word internationally.