It is time to stop looking at those pictures of exotic places on your computer and take the plunge, it is time for a vacation to a far away destination, will it Bora Bora or Spain, wherever you deserve a trip away from work.


If you are married take the family, I am sure they will never forget the experience. If you are single, it would be a great time to meet someone new and fall in love. Adventure beckons and you are ready to get on that plane or boat and just go, there is only so much you can put at work and you have been so stressed of late that you should get away.

You need to take better care of your health at this time as well, watch your sugars and salt intake and use plenty of water as you get dehydrated very quickly in hot weather. I would recommend you take up an exercise regime, start slowly and take your time to build up, this will also help you to get rid of any tiredness or stress you may still have. If you are not one for exercise then maybe a yoga class would be better for you, whatever your choice, just do something to get active as your health depends on it. You should also get a physical check-up within the next few weeks, when was the last time you saw your doctor? Take up the phone and make an appointment right now. After all, you are getting older and your need to take good care of your life and health.


Resist the current situations that are overtaking your office right now, your gut feeling is right about remaining neutral and do not get caught up in the drama as it has nothing to do with you. If you stop and take sides you may find yourself having to pack up and leave a job that you love, so be very careful what you do or say at this time.

On the other hand, your intuition is on point and you are in a great position to move forward to a higher position. Your hard work has paid off and you have landed that major contract for the second time in a row, you will be well rewarded in more than one way as outside investors are eyeing you. I hope you remember that your insurance policy matures today, have you made any plans for this Money or are you going to reinvest it for another few years?

Whatever you do, choose wisely. You are now in a position to pay off your child’s college fund and that is a blessing in disguise for you and the family. You now have more spending power and you can call in the contractors to do some needed repairs to your home. I am sure your family will be happy for the new den you have promised them for some time now.