Today would be a great time to focus on what you can do to make your life better. Could it be a new career, house, marriage, promotion? Only you can answer that question.


You have been so distracted and unhappy lately and nothing seems to be working for you. This may be the right time to seek professional counseling to help you make the right decisions.

If you are not employed, start knocking on some doors today, have your portfolio ready and with you, someone is ready to give you a chance, but you have to show up and be in the right place to get the assistance.

If you are employed, a promotion is possible for you. Your boss has been looking at the quality and quantity of work that you have done lately, and is indeed pleased and has made recommendations for your upward movement. If you are dating, this is your time to be silent and listen to what is being said, you will learn so much about women and how they function by just listening. This is for the best and will help you not to get angry or side tracked in the relationship. If you are married, please remember to surprise your wife an anniversary gift, and let her know how much she means to you. This will make her feel special and loved, even after all these years. She may just have something special in mind for you as well, but I guess you will have to wait and see.


A big win is on the way to your doorstep and this is not necessarily a large amount of cash, but more likely a large promotion or a partnership within your firm. It could also be a donation in kind for your sports club or charity. Just because you have been so helpful and since you are a very resourceful person, this is something you deserve.

Check that raffle ticket in your bag, and you will realize that you have won one of the major prizes, maybe you will get to drive away a brand new car. If you have children going to college, this would be a good time to increase your insurance cover to make sure they are well taken care of when they leave home. If you are now moving into your first job, you should read all the fine print before you sign anything and not just look at how much Money you will be paid.

You might not like all the conditions that are set out and realize that the money is not commensurate with what the job entails. Spend some time looking at your bank statements, because you might find that there are some charges that you know nothing about and you have been paying them without even knowing about them. It would be time to get it sorted out before you have to pay out lots of money that you do not have at this time.