Travel is on the cards for you today. Whether it is a short trip to another town or a trip to another country, there is something or someone you need to meet with. It could be a long lost friend or family member, or just a moment that you will always remember.


You might have been asked to travel this time due to work or family issues. Do not give it another thought, just go and buy your ticket, then get on that bus or plane.

Lately, you have been having some serious challenges because of your siblings or cousins. Allow them to vent their feelings out and tell you what is in their heart.

All you have to do this time is to listen to them. Giving your opinion would only make things more difficult for you. This is the time for you to just allow, forgive and forget. It will take time, but they will all agree your way of thinking in the end.

Your health has been pretty good for the last six months, and that is because you have taken heed of your doctor's words. Try to stick to your diet and exercise regime, and you will continue to heal both inside and outside. Spend more time working with the parents association that you are a member of. You are a very important asset to them and your children are so happy to see you taking part in activities with them. Plan a memorable program for their graduation, one that they will never forget, your efforts will not go unnoticed.


Those who are in business should wait for better market opportunities. You will save yourself some heartache if you stay patient. Otherwise, the economic condition is not conducive for movement at this time. For those who are employed, you should continue to work hard to on a project which is in its final stages. This should get you the raise or promotion that you have been seeking for some time now.

You have impressed your bosses and they like you are eager to see the finished project. It could easily bring a major contract to your company and that would mean added dollars to your paycheck. A find in your attic is worth more than you, it has been there for some years and you really did not know the egg nest you had right above your head.

Spend some time going through the items you have up there because you can never know how much Money you can receive from selling the items there. You can also hold a garage sale if you want to earn a few more dollars, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It would be a great opportunity to talk with your neighbors, too.