There are not many people that have such an amazing confidence like you. It is one of your greatest assets that you own and it will help you to get ahead both professionally and personally.


You look at life from a different perspective than others and you are able to see the bigger picture. You know that everyone can work together to get the job done in minimum time, if they have the good mindset. You have tried to foster healthy working relationships among your staff and also give them a working area which is happy and conducive to work.

You are considered to be the ideal boss which everyone can come to and who has an always-open-door policy. In your neighborhood, you are the one everyone looks up to and respects so they often come to you for all kinds of advice. Sometimes this can be very tiring, but you manage to handle it and make everyone around you happy. The downside of this is that you like your own company a lot and you are happy to get away in your den, where you can read, paint or listen to your selection of music.

You are not a very competitive person, so you will not do very well when it comes to sports. You prefer a lazy evening on the sofa with the remote in your hand. You are a hopeless romantic, and you are not one for change, so when you get involved with something, it is for the long run.

If you are looking for love, you require a stable partner who is loyal, classy and extremely affectionate. If you look in the right places, you will find what you really desire.


Those of you who are employed should keep working. You might feel that this is the time to change jobs, but the conditions are not favorable this time.

Give yourself some time to learn some more about your area of work, get some more training and build your base of knowledge, it will serve you well when the time is right to move. You should be careful of your colleagues and associates because they are a bit envious of you this time. It is because of your quiet personality and your ability to learn things quickly.

You must watch your words and actions and be aware of who you talk about your businesses.

Your insurance policy is about to mature, this is a good thing to happen this time as you can use it to further your education and do a bit of travelling. You need to learn a new technique, which has lately come on the market. It will help you progress in your field. For those of you, who are now starting out in life, a special gift from your grandparents will go a long way to get you settled. You can make a choice to buy a home, a car or just further your studies. It would be good to chat with them and ask for their advice.