The Russia matter is really a question of whether you think it is OK for a hostile power to interfere with a democratic process in the USA. If you thought Greed had no vocal advocates during a time when blatancy is as popular as texting, one CEO says it's all over.

And there appears to be an answer to the utter shame Congress has become, but maybe not what you want. It's the third item below.

Saturday squibs

Here are Saturday stories you may well miss unless you spend twelve hours a day scouring the Web for signs of hope. These signs are not very hopeful but they stand out when examined.

Schindler's sage verdict

John Schindler is a man of few words, most of them on the mark.

To unearth it you will need to click on the link and then on the link included in Schindler's tweet. But I will spare you the trouble. Here it is.

Let's put it this way. If Mueller agrees with Schindler, then Trump is toast. If he does not, Trump lives to do harm another day.

Now onward to greed

Those of you with Vanguard accounts will be delighted to know that your CEO is no shrinking violet.

Here he is in all his glory.

Who is this unmasked man?

His name is Tim Buckley and instead of merely heralding greed he says his competitors' greed is what helps Vanguard prosper. It is hard to read this as anything other than a counsel that says: If you really want to make money, avoid our competitors.

In any case, to unearth this statement Axios went back in time to a speech Buckley gave last summer. The link is available at Axios above.

Congress is impossible so let us act

Concluding this survey, it is not hard to fault a Congress whose ruling party is as disastrous as the GOP is. When you add in a Democratic party that is afraid of its shadow, you despair.

So it makes sense for an alternative vision to take root and that is the subject of this final snapshot. But don't get your hopes up.

This is a movement to continue the destruction of Congress that is already taking place. The activists who are gaining force are intent on making sure that Trump's policies and agenda are implemented. In other words, the momentum is Trumpward.

Democrats sit on their hands

Take all these three lessons and ask yourself, don't we Democrats have anything we can say that will win for us? Can we run on Schindler's verdict?

Can we counter greed with empathy? Can we move our posteriors in the direction of some local activism that is more than a one shot effort to pick up hard-to-win GOP seats in Congress? Until there are some yes answers, Democrats will be deservedly out of the picture. Trump will rule the roost.