You need to take care of yourself more than you have been over the last year or so. It is important for your health.


You may want to take some yoga or breathing classes at this time which will allow you to keep calm and focused. It would also be a good time to make personal life changes that will make you feel and look good. You should make some major improvements to your wardrobe as well. Your home might need some renovation and this is the right time to do it and get it insured.

If you are single, do not be afraid to share your feelings with someone special, they will have some excellent ideas that you can use at this time to make your life better.

If you are married, it is time to take a well-deserved vacation to a romantic place and rekindle your love for each other. It is time to bring back the times when you were not only lovers, but best friends. It would be good for some people to take heed to your feelings and at least apologize for their behavior. You are one who is very open and willing to try and learn new things, so it is not surprising to see you learning a foreign language or attending an oriental cooking class with some of your friends. You are at your best strength and you may behave extremely competitive at this time.


There could be occasional financial difficulties over the next few months, but the Gemini born people are certain to ride above it.

Those who are in business, should be cautioned to refrain from making any decision related to finances during this period. The climate is now right and should you make the wrong decision, maybe it would cost you either a lot of Money or your job, and that would not be in your best interest. You have to find the time to manage your money well.

This is one of your downfalls, take every care to see that your major source of income is not affected in any way, as it will jeopardize your chances of getting financial assistance from your bank or other institutions. Your parents are willing to step in and invest a large sum of money into two projects you are involved with, because they believe in what you are doing and know that it will bring major returns in the long run, but you have to pay attention to small details and the people who are working for you.

Some of them are jealous of upward movement so quickly. Do your best to keep abreast of all that is happening around you, and make sure that you pay those who assist for the work as they have put in along the way.