You have not been making the wisest decisions lately. Today would be a good day to take stock of this behavior and to ask for some help in this area.


You have to eliminate all the bad habits that you have acquired by being close to fake friends. Your doctor has warned you on several occasions to quit smoking and drinking, as these habits are not good for your health. You should try to consume more fish, vegetables and lean proteins. This would help you to boost your energy.

It would be great for you to start a plant based diet and see if it would be something you could get used to for a longer period of time.

Lots of sage, basil and thyme needs to be added to your diet as well. Going for early morning walks is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it will help your lungs and you will breathe easier, and secondly, you will get the exercise you desire at this time. You should also invest in a treadmill if you can afford one, so you can exercise at home in the evening after work.

If you are married, this would be a good time to take a vacation. If you are single, it would be a great time to start dating. How about your old childhood sweetheart, who just returned to the town? She might have some new ideas that would help you to open that business that you have been dreaming of for a while and maybe you can start a romance while working on it.


There will be a lot of Money coming to your way from an unexpected source in the next few weeks, but I caution you that there will also be a lot of expenses, too. Some of them that you have not even bargained for at this present time. This would not be the time to go on a spending spree. You should consult with a financial advisor and get your finances sorted out so that you will not overspend and feel sorry afterward.

For those who are seeking leadership, there will be several opportunities for progress in your career and business, especially in competitive areas. The key is to keep serving and excelling, and not let minor problems challenge you to the point of failure. You need to remain focused and diligent. If you are looking for a job, then keep knocking on those doors.

You will be happy you waited because your new job will pay the salary you have been wishing for and give you the flexibility to study as well. The raise you have been asking for has been approved and will go into effect from next month, you have worked hard and now being compensated accordingly, so you should be proud of yourself. Discuss with your partner or wife how you will use this increase and for what things, I know you both want to make the right choices.