NBA free Agency has been busy over the last few days, though many players have already chosen to stay with their respected teams. Stephen Curry signed a max contract to stay with the reigning champion Golden State Warriors, while Kyle Lowry and Blake Griffin also decided to stay with their teams. All eyes are now set on Carmelo Anthony's decision, along with Gordon Hayward. These two players are the best free agent's currently still on the market.

A bad move for Griffin

Blake Griffin did not make a great decision in staying with the Clippers organization.

Griffin signed a five-year, 173 million dollar deal to remain with the team. He should have been looking to get out of LA with the departures of both Chris Paul and J.J. Redick. The move shows that he does not want to win or compete for a championship anytime soon.

Another consequence is that he is playing in the formidable and highly competitive Western Conference. He will have to go through the current champion Golden State Warriors, along with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the great San Antonio Spurs. It would have been smart for Griffin to play in the Eastern Conference with the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics. It can be argued that the Celtics are a few pieces away from a championship and the Heat who are on the rise to be a great team.

The Los Angeles Clippers will be looking to rebuild and get other stars. However, it is possible that they will not get another big name star and they will have to see how much money is left over to spend. The team looks like a playoff team, but not a championship team, especially for being in the West.

Carmelo Anthony should leave the Knicks

Carmelo Anthony should be looking to move out of New York City and go to a better team or contender. The New York Knicks are not going anywhere for quite some time, and it would be a shame for him to finish his career with no championships or rings on his resume. Anthony has not been to the playoffs in quite some time.

He has tried to get far with the Knicks for many years but has been unsuccessful.

Carmelo is a talented offensive player who is deadly from mid-range and the three-point line. He can also post up and score in the paint. Anthony deserves to show his talent on a better team.

Carmelo Anthony should be trying to get traded to either the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, or to the Los Angeles Clippers. In my opinion, the Clippers would be the perfect team for him to join and it works out for both sides. He would fit with the system and would be able to help out Blake Griffin. The Clippers need him, and LA is a nice destination for the player. It is similar to a place like NYC in its atmosphere and appeal.

Personal reasons plague both players

Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin are more alike than people would think. They both have not won a ring or championship, and they are both now playing for teams who are not great. Granted, the Clippers are better than the Knicks. And Blake has been to the playoffs more times than Carmelo has.

Both Griffin and Anthony have let personal reasons plague their careers. They can both benefit from a change of scenery and compete for a better team. Although, they do not want to because of the appeal of their cities. They also have let money mean more to them than competing for a championship or playing with a more respectable team. It can be argued that both are the faces of their franchises. Can they both do well and make noise in their conference? Both will certainly be looking to exceed expectations.