Carmelo Anthony is one of best offensive players in the league. The superstar talent out of Syracuse University has not had the best of luck being on the New York Knicks. He has played most of his career with the Knicks and he has done a lot for the organization and the team for many years. Carmelo should leave the organization and head to another team because the Knicks are not going anywhere for many years to come. The star should head down to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Why the Clippers?

Melo should head down to the Los Angeles Clippers because he does not owe the Knicks anything else.

He has broken many records for the team and has been a shining beacon for the team. Carmelo has been nothing short of extraordinary, averaging about 22 points a game, along with 6 rebounds and about 3 assists.

Anthony has a unique skill set, being able to finish around the rim, along with being deadly from mid range and shooting the three at a good clip. He can also post up on almost anyone and sink the shot in the opponents face. He even has a jab step that creates space for him to sink jumpers, as it freezes the defender. Critics have criticized him for years over staying with the Knicks and not going to a title contender or championship team.

The other reason that he should join this team is because he would fit well within the system.

Anthony would also be playing under a better coach with other great surrounding players like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Jamal Crawford, DeAndre Jordan, and J.J. Redick. He also would not be missing much because the market there is big just like in New York. He would be in a place similar to NYC.

The Clippers would be a force in the West with the lineup of Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin.

They also have a decent bench and even if they lose other players,they could get others with the money left over.

Anthony's impact on the Clippers

The Clippers play well in the regular season, but when it comes to the playoffs, they always fall short, and some star player out of the big three is injured. Melo can help them overcome that and be a great offensive player on the team.

There is no doubt that he would thrive in the system and be a great offensive help. Anthony would also finally have great players around him and be able to compete with other teams.

The overall team of Griffin, Anthony, and Paul would be a great big three, and they could contend with other teams like the Warriors or the Spurs. J.J. Redick could be traded to the Knicks. Redick is set to make about 18 million with the team, and the team could use that money to sign Melo. Anthony is also 33 years old and has not competed for a championship, but that could change if he joins the Clippers.

The troubling Knicks organization

The only bright spot for the Knicks is Kristaps Porzingis. Phil Jackson has undoubtedly ruined the organization, along with his plans of getting rid of Robin Lopez and signing Noah to an overpriced contract.

The additions of Derrick Rose and Courtney Lee have also not been great, Rose will likely be out of NYC as well.

The truth is that the team is not winning with Anthony and he would be better with almost any other team. But, if he were to join the Clippers, he could excel and possibly win a title. Anthony could be a lethal shooter for the Clippers. Melo deserves to end his career with a title. More importantly, though, Anthony could be the missing puzzle piece for the Clippers team.