Blake Griffin is one of the biggest free agents this summer, and there is debate about who he will sign with this offseason. One of his likely landing spots could be with the rising and resilient Miami Heat team, who could surely benefit from having his dynamic playing. He is a star, and he can greatly impact a game. Adam Fromal wrote an article on The Bleacher Report that has him at the number 2 spot out of 10 for the Top 10 Free-Agent Targets of the 2017 NBA Offseason. But he does have other options? The question depends on if he will stay with the Clippers or leave.

Blake Griffin's great season with the Clippers

The amazing and talented power forward had another impressive season with the Los Angeles Clippers. The versatile forward averaged about 22 points a game, with 8 rebounds and about 5 assists. Griffin has been plagued with injuries in the past, but he still is a great player that could be a boost for many other teams. He means a lot to the Clippers, and they are a much better team when he is on the floor. In the playoffs without their one star they could not make it past the Utah Jazz.

The 6 foot 10 inch forward weighing at about 250 pounds can do a lot on the court. He can post up and score in the paint, along with finishing around the rim. He can shoot a mid-range shot and can shoot the three at a decent clip.

Since first entering the league, he has steadily improved being able to shoot the three at a higher percentage and at just scoring and evenly distributing the ball.

Is it realistic that he could go to the Heat?

Griffin has played for the Clippers his whole NBA career. The main question lies if he will leave the team. He is reluctant to leave the Clippers because they can offer him the most money and enjoys living in LA.

There is a good chance he could go to the Heat because they have enough cap space, and if Chris Paul leaves, he would too. There have been rumors that Chris Paul could sign with the San Antonio Spurs. Griffin would fit in well with the Heat, and Miami also has a warm climate like LA's.

His many other options

The Heat is not the only landing spot for the star.

He could choose to go to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets, Boston Celtics, or the Indiana Pacers. It is most likely that Griffin either stays in LA or goes to the Miami Heat.

Blake is a native of Oklahoma, so it would be interesting to see him there, but the Thunder do not have enough cap space to sign him to a contract. The Knicks could sign him if they get rid of Carmelo Anthony. It would be ideal to see Anthony in a Clippers uniform and Blake in a Knicks one. The question lies if Griffin would even like to play there in a troubled organization filled with a lot of problems.

The Celtics would be another decent landing spot for him because the team went far into the playoffs and are a couple of pieces away from winning a championship.

The future is bright for that team. The Pacers could sign Griffin, but a lot would need to happen.

If the Heat cannot sign Gordon Hayward or Paul George, who is another great player, they will go after Blake Griffin.

He could benefit in a change of scenery

Blake Griffin has not been able to get far with the Clippers in many years since being on the team. A change of scenery is what Griffin could surely use. The dynamic big three of Chris Paul, J.J. Redick, and Griffin has not been able to bring a championship to the team. There is a chance that all of them split up. The organization is said to be cursed because one player or two of the three stars is always injured when it comes to the playoffs.

The team is great in the regular season, but everything seems to crumble for them in the playoffs.

Griffin should leave LA and go to the Miami Heat. He would be a good fit on the Heat and would play alongside great players like Hassan Whiteside and Goran Dragic.

We will have to wait over the summer and see what Griffin chooses to do. Do not be surprised to see him in a Heat uniform next year especially if the team looses Dion Waiters and can't acquire Paul George or Hayward. The Heat could be on another level if they sign Blake Griffin.