Since 1994, singer R. Kelly has received public criticism, criminal charges, and allegations for his personal involvement with younger women. Beginning with the alleged illegal marriage between Kelly and the late singer, Aaliyah. R. Kelly had only sampled a piece of drama that would soon create an identity for itself throughout his career. As one of the most controversial public figures, Kelly became the center of media attention in 2002 for the infamous "Pee incident."

As you all should know, on February 3, 2002, a video surfaced allegedly showing Kelly engaging in sexual acts and urinating on an underage girl.

After years of trials, Kelly was eventually acquitted of all of the charges. Since then Kelly stayed clear of serious public embarrassment. He went on to redefine his R&B name by remaining relevant through music. He continued to drop hit singles and created an entire music video cinema for his "Trapped in the Closet" series that had Audiences glued to their television screens.

Back in the spotlight

Until now, on July 17, 2017, Jim DeRogatis reported in BuzzFeed that Kelly was accused by three sets of parents for holding their daughters hostage in an "abusive cult." Although the "victims" denied all of the allegations the internet went into outrage, immediately bashing R. Kelly. Once again R. Kelly became the center of media attention for his Personal Life instead of his musical craft.

Although I do not agree with the age difference between the women and Kelly, they are in fact of legal age, therefore there is no crime that he's committed.

Leave R. Kelly Alone

Since the "pee incident" Kelly has always been the underlying joke for comedians, in regards to underage dating and sexuality. His music was known for its sexual content, ultimately making him a sex symbol in the late 90s.

With that being said it's clear that Kelly has a sexual persona, but that doesn't make him responsible for the decisions of others. R. Kelly is no different than most men in power. Those who are defending Kelly makes a competitive argument comparing him to Playboy creator, Hue Hefner. Hefner who owned a mansion shared with many women, titled "bunnies," a place rumored for zero sexual boundaries, but not criticized. No, I am not condoning Kelly or Hefner, but simply saying that these women have a mind of their own. These women are of the legal age to consent to any action that they participate in.