POTUS Donald Trump has headlined news media throughout the world nearly every day since taking office six months ago. Most of those stories aired by mainstream media have been hostile toward the President, whose son and son-in-law are scheduled to testify next week in regard to Russian meddling. Making the case the President is greatly flawed is one thing, but the people who don't show support for him are going absolutely bonkers.

MSNBC airs elaboration of Strauss

On Tuesday, the latest of these incidents involve MSNBC host Chris Jansing with Politico writer Ben Strauss.

Strauss, who recently wrote an article titled "Is the President Fit?," which was published by Politico just a few days ago, claims that the President rides golf carts in places other world leaders would be walking. Jansing asks Strauss on the subject of the President's fitness, "is this ultimately in keeping with the personality that is about a lack of discipline Ben?" Strauss agreed, adding "FDR did serious upper body work even though he as in a wheelchair. Before Obama, George Bush ran seven-minute miles."

Regarding the golf cart, Strauss says "the golf cart is the most indispensable prop of this Presidency, perhaps outside the Twitter feed. In Sicily, at the G7 meeting, there's a photo opportunity for the world leaders.

Six of them walk up the hill to the photo op and the President follows behind in a golf cart. In Saudi Arabia, rather than walking through a museum, the President rides a golf cart through the museum."

Strauss goes on to say that it's important to point out that he's not "fat shaming," but the question of the President's fitness is an important one that needs to be addressed by the public.

He told Jansing on MSNBC, "When the President makes a misstep or misreads his speech, as he did on the foreign trip in Saudi Arabia, the excuse given by the White House is that he was exhausted."

Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn react

Tucker Carlson, host of the Fox News Show 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' reacted, along with writer and conservative political commentator Mark Steyn, on Wednesday night to the segment aired by MSNBC.

Tucker opened the segment with Steyn by saying, "so the same media figures who told you it was sexist to ask about Hillary Clinton's health after she passed out in public and ignored Obama's Marlboro habit for years are now fretting that Trump doesn't spend enough time on the StairMaster. Sitting in a golf cart is now a sin."

Tucker asked Steyn if this was a "legitimate critique of the Trump Presidency that he has no visible abs and too high a percentage of body fat?" Steyn replied, "On the stump in Iowa, Obama once said to an audience, have you seen what the price of arugula is today? Obama was, in that sense, the first 'Arugulan-American' to become President. I never saw Winston Churchill jogging and it didn't impact his performance.

People who don't like Trump want to force him into eating arugula and jogging."

Tucker closed the topic of the MSNBC airing by adding, "he (Trump) likes fast food and three-musketeer bars and that is deeply offensive to them."