Girls,” the HBO show that celebrated millennial dysfunction and vulgarity, is finally on the ash heap of history. However, its creator, Lena Dunham, seems to unwilling to follow the series that made her infamous into obscurity. Her latest atrocity was a snarky Tweet that was apparently inspired by Father’s Day.

Lena Dunham on fathers

The tweet Dunham left and then quickly deleted when the inevitable firestorm occurred stated, "You don't need a father - so many families work so many ways- but if you have one he better werk." The last word was apparently not a typo as the Urban Dictionary defines it, in part, as “To do something to an exceedingly excellent capacity.” The word is said to be derived from the words “work” and “twerk.”

What the tweet says about Dunham’s attitude toward her own father and Fathers in general one would best leave to mental health professionals.

Dunham has previously wished for the extinction of the straight white male. She has also had to apologize for wishing she had an abortion, something that even creeped out the pro-choice crowd.

What is Dunham up to now?

Dunham’s IMDB page reports that she had directed and executive produced a made for TV movie called “Max.” The film, meant to be a pilot for a new series about 1960s feminism, seems to have been in the can for a while and is about a woman trying to rise in the magazine world in the “Mad Men” era. No word is out as to when or if the half-hour pilot will be broadcast and whether it is going to be picked up as a series.

The premise is fascinating but considering the sordid quality of “Girls” one cannot have any hope for a look back to the 1960s from a feminist perspective.

In better hands, the show might amount to something. Dunham has a development deal and will no doubt try her hand at other projects if “Max” falls through. In the meantime she will entertain and outrage with the occasional blog post and tweet,

Aside from that, Dunham appears to be settling into a career as a public nuisance, which hopefully pays well.

She has not gotten over the trauma of Hillary Clinton’s defeat for the presidency at the hands of Donald Trump. She has perhaps not figured out that one’s personal happiness should not depend on who happens to occupy the Oval Office. Trump’s election has inspired Dunham to lose weight for the benefit of her physical health. Apparently, she has decided not to move to Canada as she promised to do if Trump was elected president.