A Huffington Post article has called for the execution of Donald Trump should he be found guilty of treason in a court of law. The article was pulled but the archived version is still available. The article points out that President Trump has gutted environmental protections, has pushed forward an anti-Muslim ban, fired the head of the FBI and has even colluded with Russia. The author goes on to claim that Russia has committed an act of war by interfering in our election and raises Trump's obstruction of justice charge to high treason.

I wondered, is the author speaking the truth or is he just regurgitating something he heard through the media?

Everyone has skin in the game including Senators and Congress persons who need to get elected while mainstream and cable news report on what their watchers (and readers) want to hear and read.

I asked myself: do I really believe the Russians got Trump elected? Do I really think Comey, the former Director of the FBI, was out to bring down Trump after he attempted to bring down Hillary Clinton? Or was Comey just reacting to an untenable situation where both the Republicans and Democrats had gone to the dark side and he had no clue what to do or whom to turn to? He is a Federal employee after all and serves at the behest of the president. I considered believing that maybe Barack Obama's birth certificate was forged as long as I agreed with myself that Trump colluded with the Russians.

I thought it was a fair trade off, but my analytical mind said no.

The turn of the screw

Violence seems to be the order of the day and it is making lots of money. Anger, hatred and unmitigated intolerance for those with different ideas has taken root in the populace and the media is to blame, as are acts of terror committed by frustrated and angry people.

Fake arguments with fake statistics are taken for truth and I stand in amazement at the impenetrable wall people have built to keep out new ideas. Some won't even converse with people who might have a different opinion while others conclude Trump supporters are uneducated fools not worth their time.

Social media was hysterical when Barack Obama was elected.

Right wing media claimed Obama was going to put everyone in FEMA camps, take away guns and that his legacy would continue on when Hillary Clinton was elected. Obama was a dictator who would change the world with the stroke of a pen. Other websites said his birth certificate was invalid, his Kenyan father was Muslim, and because Obama's Muslim step-father and mother raised him partially in Indonesia, he was a confirmed Muslim. People built compounds, hoarded guns, and waited for the inevitable end of the world.

Now, we have Trump, as a right wing dictator who will destroy healthcare, scour the FBI and CIA, who has ties to the Russian government, which caused him to be elected. His supporters are fly-over country people who have no idea what is going on in the real world.

Trump supporters are violent, carry guns, are intolerant of gays, abortion and other humans right issues just because they are mean and uneducated.


Enter gotcha terrorists who play payback for those killed and injured in radical Islamic terrorist attacks. Violence begets violence and corpses are the blood money for which revenge is paid in full. This mindset can continue until there is no one left to fight what some consider a holy war. It can even continue long enough until someone gets their hands on a nuclear bomb. One radical martyred, hundreds of thousands of innocents murdered.

Follow the money

I did some research to find out who was getting rich over the Trump controversy and surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) the companies that had great quarters were the cable news outlets.

Fox News had the best quarter in cable news history in the last quarter of 2016 but is now neck and neck with MSNBC, who grew more than 50 percent in both daytime and prime time in the first quarter of 2017. CNN also saw double-digit growth over its sensational 2016 ratings. So the news outlets which tantalize us with controversy and conspiracy theories are the very ones getting rich over the tension in the U.S (and elsewhere) today.

When I turned off the news my mind began to work again. I began to think: would the government really back off preexisting conditions in medical care? Their constituents would go crazy and I would be the first one on their doorstep.

Did the Russians hack the election and actually change votes?

Probably not, but I am sure they sowed confusion, much like the U.S. has done in other countries and I discovered that I didn't believe Trump was a part of it.

Instead, I came to believe that someone is trying to divide us. I haven't yet decided who or why, but as soon as I do, I will be the first to let you know.