Donald Trump won the presidential election despite not having the backing of the press and the Gallup polls. Hardly anybody predicted he would win, except one man. He is Professor Allan Lichtman who by a system perfected by him after three decades concluded that Trump would be victorious. The president also had sent a note thanking the professor for his accurate forecast.

The professor has predicted that Donald Trump will be impeached. He has said it could be in 2018 or 19. Events don't seem to be moving in the way the president would have liked.

The latest deposition by James Comey, the ex-FBI director to the Senate committee investigating the Russian interference and connections of Donald's team, has angered the president. Throughout his deposition, the FBI Director hammered home the point that Donald wanted him to stop the Russian investigation. He also brought out that the president was a liar. These are strong words and do not auger well for Trump.

FBI Director's testimony

The FBI Director's testimony is over, but it has left a nasty taste. One wonders whether Comey's deposition will be the beginning of more revelations about Trump and the Russian connection.Vladimir Putin has denied the allegations of interference in the American election, but could he have said anything else?

his denial cannot be taken at face value. Though the Republicans are in the majority in both houses of Congress, yet in case concrete evidence emerges about the Russian connection one hopes that patriotism will prevail over party loyalty.

Russian connection

The press and TV have widely covered the testimony of the FBI director.

Most have concluded that Trump has something to hide. He sacked the director, hoping the investigation into the Russian connection will die down, but it has not happened. In turn, his motive for sacking Comey have been questioned. The evidence given by Comey to the Senate committee is both disturbing and unreal.


As things stand, there is no step taken towards impeachment, but a few months down the scenario could be different.

In that case, the prediction of Allan Lichtman cannot be dismissed out of hand. This man successfully forecast the winner in 8 elections and the probability that his prediction regarding impeachment of Trump may come true has high odds for success.

Last word

Trump will be keeping his fingers crossed. He has the lowest approval ratings among recent presidents. He is the first president to face allegations of having reached out to an ''enemy'' country during the election. One cannot be sure that he will complete his term