When you think of "The Bold and the Beautiful" and the Forrester clan, you think of class, elegance, and sophistication. While many viewers of the 30-year-old daytime soap opera appreciate the glitz and glamor that the characters exemplify, the costume department seems to have missed the mark when it comes to styling Nicole Forrester's (Reign Edwards) hair. The actress has recently evolved from sporting a more natural look when she first came on the show, to wearing a full Wig that looks anything but natural.

Nicole's story

Nicole on "The Bold and the Beautiful" is having a rough time right now.

This is supposed to be the happiest time of her life, but unfortunately, she just found out that she has secondary infertility and might not be able to bear any more children due to her previous pregnancy with Lizzy. This is devastating for her because she is desperate to give her husband, Zende a child. It feels cruel and hurtful that she would be cursed with this condition, especially since she was happy to give her sister Maya and brother-in-law, Rick a child of their own.

Papa Avant weighs in

Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful", Nicole's father, Julius, reminded her that she was born for motherhood and that Lizzy already knows that she is her mother. Julius seems to be caring and supportive in his remarks towards Nicole, however, one cannot help but wonder about his intentions.

It is quite difficult to believe that he has accepted Maya as his daughter and has forgiven her for the embarrassment she caused him when she was growing up.

Nicole's hair

While we understand that the mess on top of Nicole's head is a wig and many can understand why a wig would be worn, it seems to defeat the whole purpose of what the show (and even Nicole) represents.

Fake hair is everywhere, but you're not supposed to be able to tell that it's fake. When it looks cheap and flammable, you know there's a problem! There are too many videos of women on YouTube who can actually slay their wigs to look like it is growing out of their scalp to not get this right. We are in 2017, for crying out loud!

Here's a video that shows how it's really done:

The fans weigh in

While viewers may want to pay attention to Nicole's story, it seems that all they can think of and talk about is the wig and how bad it is. Here are some posts on social media reflecting what fans have been saying:

There are even more comments in "The Bold and the Beautiful" Facebook groups. Fans all agree the wig has got to go.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday through Friday on CBS.