When it is all over, we need at very least a special Academy Award. Best Actor in the Presidential Collapse category. It is not hard to feel total hostility to someone who continues to suck up all the oxygen in almost the whole world. Who managed to do that before?

Is it over? It is unless the three items below are misconstrued.

Incompetence rampant

Incompetence is a very Trumpian thing. There were those casinos for which he overpaid in a fit of enthusiasm. There was Russia which was nice to him when no American bank would lend him a dime. There was the presidency which was clearly on the way to unattainability after a campaign riddled with the worst bile ever recorded.

The only verdict can be that incompetence wins every time.

Trump is the great rebounder, the reminder that even the worst of liars can win. Or, and that is the thesis of this article, he is a man whose chicanery will come to rest when a chastened but still powerful Lady Justice says, "Sorry Donald this is the real world and you lose."

The sins of Trump are not different than sins committed before he came into office. But the acknowledgment that we appear to be in the business of killing civilians while making the world safe for the one percent is telling evidence of incompetence that will add to others and sink Donald Trump.

The health bill that may never be

The best thing about Obamacare is that millions of Americans, many of them not poor or vulnerable, discovered Medicaid. Medicaid would amount to a single payer system if everyone was in it.

The article above is a brief account of the fact that actual GOP Governors are not enamored with Trump's health efforts. They do not want the GOP Congress forward to kill Medicaid.

Is kill too strong a word?

"Limit the expansion" is the polite way to talk about getting rid of Medicaid. Instead of allowing it to grow naturally in its full relevance, stop it at all costs.

This is the aim of the tea party in Congress and it persists in the Senate GOP. In general, as Medicaid goes so goes the nation and its health care. You be the judge.

Biggest is last

Of the three items here the biggest is saved for now. Voila.

This little piece provides thick and formidable content on the character of the Mueller investigation of one Donald Trump. First, it is centered on the president. That is new. Second, it is clearly aimed at obstruction of justice. That is also new. Finally, the language around the obstruction charge is not friendly to talkative sorts who don't know what obstruction is. None of these sentences will sit well with Donald Trump.