It looks like the Cleveland Cavaliers will need to make some noticeable changes in the off-season. The devastating 4-1 loss in the 2017 NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors has humbled them and opened their eyes to their crude reality right now. The Cavaliers need to get better, but how are they supposed to do so?

The Cavaliers only have one valuable player on the roster that can be traded. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving are untouchable; thus, the name is none other than Kevin Love. This name surfaces in media's trade rumors every time the Cavaliers hit a bump in the road.

However, some of the trade targets that are also appearing do not seem like they would improve the team. This includes, Carmelo Anthony, Paul George, and Jimmy Butler.

Carmelo and the Cavaliers

Carmelo Anthony, 32, is counting his last days with the New York Knicks. The inevitable cannot be avoided. President of basketball operation Phil Jackson wants him out of the team so he can properly rebuild the roster around Porzingis. If healthy, Carmelo can continue to be a force on the offensive end. Any contending team would welcome the contributions of such an experienced scorer.

Anthony, however, is not what the Cavaliers need. Another isolation-oriented player on the floor would further hinder the Cavaliers's already poor ball movement.

Furthermore, his infamous defense is exactly what the Cavaliers do not need. The team with the 22nd best defense in the league cannot afford to bring in another player who is not committed to defense. LeBron and Carmelo would have to alternate playing the power forward spot, depending on the matchup. Carmelo is a decent rebounder, but one cannot imagine him doing well against bigger bodies in the paint or protecting the rim.

Paul George and the Cavaliers

Paul George, 27, is another enticing player in the market, probably the most enticing one given his situation. It looks like George wants to play out his contract with the Indiana Pacers and become an unrestricted free agent in 2018. Thus, The pacers might be forced to trade him this year in order to get something in return.

George is one of the top talents in the league. His versatility and scoring ability would be noticed even more if he were surrounded by a better cast.

George, however, is not what the Cavaliers need. George is a ball-dominant player, and, the last time I checked, the ball is mostly on LeBron's hands and there is only one ball on the basketball court. LeBron's teammates have learned to play off the ball and let him dictate the offense. George's talents would be misused if he were to simply stand in a corner waiting for the ball to arrive. George would also need to defend in the paint if he or LeBron play the power forward position, and that would only further hurt the Cavaliers' interior defense and rebounding.

Butler and the Cavaliers

Jimmy Butler, 27, is another name that has been linked to different teams. The Chicago Bulls' front office is uncertain about what direction to take, but for the right price it seems like they would be willing to part ways with Butler and finally go on rebuild-mode. Butler is one the best two-way players in the league. His aggressiveness on both ends of the floor make him a unique star that any team would want.

Butler, however, is not what the Cavaliers need. The 6 ft 7 in guard/small forward would bring a needed defensive presence to the Cavaliers team. On the other hand, three-point shooting is not Butler's forte, and that is one of the prerequisites to playing alongside LeBron.

What do the Cavaliers need then?

Replacing an All-Star big man like Kevin Love with an All-Star wing player cannot benefit the Cavaliers. Such a deal would only work well for the Cavs if they could also add a veteran big man who could become their defensive anchor. While it is true that Love has proven that his best play is still not enough for his team, his rebounding and three-point shooting are valuable assets that cannot be dismissed. Whoever replaces him, if he does indeed get replaced, needs to own some of these qualities, in addition to a certain tenacity and combativeness that Love lacked in the paint. Free agency is around the corner, and the Cavaliers have some key decisions to make.