The idea that Mitch McConnell represents governance of any sort is a stretch. The only major bill his majority party has passed this year was the Gorsuch confirmation. This was achieved by using, for the first time, the nuclear option which enables the Senate to renege on its role as a brake on runaway democracy. The Senate passed Gorsuch with a bare majority made up of just Republicans.

This is not what the Founders had in mind.

But Mitch

McConnell is a good deal worse than just the author of the nuclear strategy to install a justice that is the darling of the Federalist Society.

This group works with virtually no scrutiny to capture virtually every court in the country for the alt-right.

Not to mention

Mitch also was among the racist legislators in the GOP who promised openly to do in Barack Obama. Obama was no Lyndon Johnson as a politician but he did make good faith efforts and McConnell's open acceptance of dog-whistle politics was indicative of what we may be about to witness.

A debacle

Debacle is the best word for what is being promoted by McConnell and his minions. They have made no secret of their intent. They want to take a bill from hell and perpetrate it on the American people, completing their wrecking of Obamacare with the biggest gift to the one-percent in history.

This is what they want. Over here is $800 billion that they intend to cut from Medicaid. This is the exact amount they want to give as a tax break to the one percent.

There is more

This cut is being celebrated as a plus by the GOP despite the fact that tens of millions will be bumped from the insurance rolls to account for the so-called savings.

This also says nothing about another aspect of the legislation that is just as damaging. It is giving to the most backward and uncharitable states the waivers necessary to make them lords of life menacing the most vulnerable. What the federal government is meant to stop, it is now about to enable.

Democrats last stand

There is a silver lining and it is not the Democrats.

The Democratic Senators should have followed the example of John Lewis and sat in to protest the GOP's subversion of democracy. Their response has been weak and half-hearted. None have gone far enough. We need Medicaid for all, not radical shrinkage. We need single payer eventually.


The best result of this McConnell mess will be when he cannot even get the votes to pass the bill. If the handful needed to say, "This is a Disaster." does not emerge, Mitch will win just as he did for Donald Trump on Gorsuch.

There is enough disaster afoot. Say your prayers for a few GOP Senators who could save us from this clear and present danger.