United States President Donald Trump seems to be at it again. Trump recently tweeted something bizarre, which made many people go "what?" Get to know about the controversial "covfefe" Tweet.

What does it mean?

Donald Trump sent the internet abuzz after tweeting about something seemingly cryptic. Although, he seemed to be enjoying how he stumped everyone.

The original tweet went, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe." Now, after deleting that, he replaced it with another tweet.

Some sources said that this was a probable spelling mistake on the part of the US President.

It seemed like he was trying to write the word "coverage" but ended up with "covfefe" instead.

Now, questions that would instantly come to mind could include:

  • Why didn't his phone use autocorrect?
  • Could it be because the president just does not type that well?
  • He seems to like to use the word "coverage" in his previous tweets, so what made him misspell it this time?
  • Do his staff not check what he writes on social media?

Only The Donald knows. Yes, we could look at it that way.

According to CNN's Gloria Borger, "Donald Trump doesn't want a Jim Baker," referring to the legendary chief of staff for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. "He's his own Jim Baker. And he's his own strategist."

It definitely looks like Trump does not need any advice from anybody and it does not matter which members of his staff come and go.

His Twitter presence indeed confirms this statement.

Fox News on Trump's tweet

Meanwhile, as many have reacted negatively to Trump's tweet, a host from a news outlet reportedly defended it. Jon Scott from Fox News expressed his thoughts and contradicted what many condemned. "People are enjoying it, you’ve got to give him that," Scott said.

Somewhat linking the issue to Trump's former contender, Hillary Clinton, the elections - and stamina, Scott added that this could be about Clinton. Reportedly, Trump has always told Clinton that she does not have the stamina and energy to be president.

Scott even went on to praise Donald Trump for not needing much sleep, as the tweet was sent out around midnight.

The Fox News host also commended the U.S. President for getting many retweets and likes.

But wait, here comes the memes

As expected, many did not let the issue go down without a fight - or some comic relief of sorts. Here come the memes.

What's your take on the meaning of 'covfefe'? Let us know your thoughts and opinions.