Trump doesn't matter. What? A man who can raise blood pressure with a single insult? A man who can command newsrooms worldwide? He doesn't matter. Repeat, he matters not. He is, in fact, a pitiable figure. A tool. And even with his limited scope - I shall call it a scope rather than a mind - he is sometimes aware of the problem. In fact, it is possible that his outlandish dictatorial impulses are based on the anger of knowing that he does not matter.

They have him coming and going

The ten reasons have little to do with Donald and everything to do with why he doesn't matter.

We are in the hands of a Deep State which really needs a name. I am searching for one. The word constitutional keeps popping into my head.

The top of the US is literally lawless

We are in the hands of a state made up of Wall Street, Treasury, the Military Defense Establishment and their servants in both parties in Congress. The true deep state is simply those who feel entitled to act as they like without regard to people, democracy, the constitution or the law. We call it also the five percent crowned by the one percent.

When Trump with his antics and spells becomes a real liability, the deep state will get rid of him. But first, there is a basis for these premises in the following video which I highly recommend.

Here are the ten reasons

1. The only difference Trump made was getting elected by hook or by crook. The fact it was him was totally immaterial. They probably figured a celebrity outsider was better than the lackluster GOP folk he pulverized.

2. The open deep state wants people like Gorsuch, Alito, and Thomas in their pocket for many reasons -- all to do with controlling what is decided regarding the Constitution. The election of W was a signal victory. So was Citizens United.

Deep state affairs

3. The government is a pawn in the eyes of this deep state. The main goal of the deep state is to keep money moving upward.

It pacifies the populace with distractions including drugs, noise, freneticism TV and celebrity worship.

4. The open deep state has no problem if Trump plays at war. It controls when he can and cannot act.

5. Trump's genius at controlling news is fine with most of the deep state but they can use their substantial leak power to essentially check him whenever they like. The notion that the Trump circle controls things is an illusion.


6. The open deep state is most concerned about its capacity to act without impediments, This is helped considerably by removing regulation of any sort on their movements. Trump is merely doing their will. Pence would do it too as would any other GOP stand in.

7. Controlling the oil industry and all of its tentacles is at the center of the open deep state's concern and Trump has been an obedient pawn and little more.


8. Trump's obliviousness to what harms and what does not harm is completely acceptable. The open deep state complex is indifferent to human rights and to any real sense of right and wrong. They are children of the Dulles Brothers.

9. The Constitution may be subject to interpretation but the law requires respect that the open deep state lacks. Since 9/11, lawlessness and violation of basic rights have been an epidemic.

10. The reporting in the video I have recommended has been absent in the media. The media is mostly operating on the assumption Trump is the problem.