Steve Harvey caught a lot of flack for going to the White House and talking with President Trump after he became the 45th president. Now, the comedian and the POTUS have something in common. Americans believe they both speak without thinking and say whatever comes to mind. Harvey recently came under fire because of an insensitive remark about the Flint water crisis.

Steve Harvey and President Trump both speak without thinking

On his morning radio show, Harvey told a caller from Flint, MI to enjoy his "glass of brown water." This was both insensitive and inappropriate.

It is, however, classic Steve Harvey. As a comedian, this man says what he believes will bring laughs to his audience. During a performance for T.D. Jakes' annual Megafest Harvey joked that when he went to pick up Michael Jackson for church, the superstar entertainer's outfit looked like "Captain Crunch and the Nutcracker."

The mayor of Flint asked Harvey to apologize but the comedian has not. Now he is catching heat because many Americans believe he went too far. Likewise, increasing numbers of people believe that President Trump gets away with saying things that years ago would have assured that he would never have been elected President of the United States. He has continued almost daily to insult government officials and world leaders.

Both the POTUS and the talk show host shoot from the hip, and they may not be able to help it.

There is no remedy for the ignorance from Harvey and Trump

Both Steve Harvey and Donald Trump are wealthy, self-made men. They are used to a life where they make the rules and answer to no one. It is others who answer to them. Although their professions differ they both live the type of life where a blind eye is turned to their ignorance because of the wealth they generate.

Our 45th president has been accused of sexually harassing women, making fun of a handicapped man, and encouraging racism and anti-semitic activity. This did not deter people from voting for him.

Harvey's comedy routine is filled with profanity and X-rated sexual references, yet he has been given a television show and a radio show -- both which bear his name.

He hosted "Family Feud" and has several other irons in the fire. It is as if Harvey and Trump are being rewarded rather than shunned for their bad behavior.

People who are wired this way and have no one to censor them often push the envelope and end up saying something shocking that offends. Harvey's latest remarks will probably blow over very soon and Steve Harvey will move forward unscathed to his next business venture. Both the talk show host and the president are older men who are set in their ways, and likely will not change unless it hurts them financially.