According to reports, Wiccan groups and self-identified witches are planning a spell meant to be cast en masse against President Donald Trump, and are using social media to promote it. The spell, which has proven popular enough to garner both celebrity support and use in public protests against the President, has also inspired protests against it among Christian groups. That said, the spell has also been defended as mostly serving as a simple political protest in itself.

A 'binding spell' is being passed around on social media

A document being passed around the Wiccan community details a spell that members are expected to participate in by massive numbers.

Writer Michael M. Hughes, in addition, explained about the planned spell on social media. The spell must be performed at the stroke of midnight, traditionally the "witching hour," on every waning crescent moon, which will occur this Friday, then March 26, April 24 and May 23.

The items needed to cast the spell include an unflattering photo of Trump, the Tower tarot card, an orange candle, a pin, representations of the four elements, matches, and ashes. An excerpt from the spell, which goes as far to list Donald J. Trump by name, includes, "Hear me, oh spirits, of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air...Heavenly hosts, Demons of the infernal realms, and Spirits of the ancestors." It has been reported that the casting of the spell will involve a lot of laughing, to symbolize laughing at Trump.

That said, the spell is said to be something of a Binding Spell, rather than intended to serve as a negative curse or hex.

A group who identified as witches reportedly appeared outside Trump Tower in order to cast the binding spell. The act also gained media attention when singer Lana Del Ray advocated for casting the spell on social media.

A similar protest had become a trend on social media this past June when Melanie Elizabeth Hexen, who identified as a witch, rather than a Wiccan, called for people to cast a spell over the outcome of the Brock Turner trial.

Christian groups to host day of prayer

Christian groups around the country have also reportedly attempted to develop a Day Of Prayer in an attempt to protest the action, which will include the reciting of the 23rd Psalm, which ironically enough is to be invoked in the spell the witches are planning.

Kevin Ambrose, a writer at Christian Nationalism, also advocated for the day of prayer.

Due to the concept of the rule of three present in Wicca, in which negative and positive actions return to the caster three times, the concept of a spell being used as political protest could be controversial in Wiccan groups, as well. In a statement, Hughes suggested that the spell was meant to be more therapeutic for the caster than meant to be taken as an attack on the President. In a released statement, he referred to the spell as being akin to “self-defense” towards people who feel marginalized under the current administration, and hopes to make said people feel “empowered.”