President Donald Trump is infamous because of the way he identified one of the chapters in the New Testament. During his campaign, he said 2 Corinthians rather than second Corinthians. This became a joke on late night television for a while. Some Americans believed this indicated that the Bible was not a book the POTUS read a lot. Now the President has another guffaw related to the Bible. He recently utilized a popular phrase which he attributed to scripture but it is not.

The truth will prevail is not in the Bible

In regard to the James Comey hearings, the President looked into a camera and said: "The Bible says the truth will prevail." The Bible says much about truth but nothing about it prevailing.

All one has to do is search or You can put in the individual word, key phrases or entire sentences. These sites will pull up every reference to the subject that is available within the word of God.

The King James version is still the most widely read and recognized version of scripture. Keep in mind that different translations may also not have the exact wording This is a way to cross reference anyone who tells you "The Bible says." When in doubt always check for yourself. It will keep you fro repeating things that are not accurate and having others call you out on it. Our President likes to deal in alternative facts and fake news. He obviously does not realize or maybe does not care that there are those who know the Word of God and others who will check to verify his accuracy.

The origin of "The truth will prevail"

The phrase "The truth will prevail" does have an origin. It wasThomas Brooks a Puritan preacher coined the phrase: "The truth is mighty and will prevail." This was also the slogan of the first Czechoslovakian president. It has been used in movies and television shows without giving credit to the authors.

President Trump obviously assumed it came from the Bible and he was wrong.

Our president has said many things in his business dealings that could not be verified as fact. He is continuing in this mode as Commander In Chief and making himself look pretty bad. This may seem a small issue some but it gives insight to a much larger revelation about our president.

It shows he is a man who says whatever the situation calls for whether he can back it up or not.

Twice now he has stood before the American people saying things about the Bible that are not true. This indicates that the POTUS is not a man of accuracy. It is also very dangerous for the leader of the free world to say whatever pops into his head. when he is misinformed or just outright lying. This is not a credible man and he should not be our commander in chief. Donald Trump daily gives us more reasons why he should be removed from office.