Thursday, June 8th is the day that James Comey will testify. The "Washington Post" is reporting that lawyers for President Trump have advised him not to tweet. And they are fearful of what will happen to his case if he does. This in itself is very telling because no one, not lawyers, the folk on Capitol Hill nor any American should have to fear tweets coming from our commander in chief.

The President's mental health continues to be questioned

The emotional status of the POTUS remains a concern for many Americans. So much so that more than 30,000 professionals in the mental health field signed an online petition that was to go to Senator Charles Schemer.

In the petition, these professionals gave their opinion that the president: "manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of president of the United States and he must be removed from office".

The author of this article Steve Reisner disagreed that the POTUS is dealing with a mental.disorder. He gave his opinion that Donald Trump is simply evil. Whether he is evil or dealing with a legitimate illness of the mind Americans are seeing that something is keeping number 45 from being using discretion, wisdom, common sense and simply being presidential. His constant continual consistent tweets have raised eyebrows around the world.

Most reasonable adults would not use Twitter in such a manner that it jeopardize their job but Donald Trump either does not realize the danger he is in or he does not care. As leader of the free world, he should be more cautious but he vents fully all that is in his heart.

The lawyers are pretty concerned

The president has used Twitter as a bully pulpit to bad mouth his predecessor, world leaders, Hollywood celebrities and everyone who disagrees with his positions.

Donald Trump goes tit for tat without a filter and says whatever first comes to mind. For this reason, his lawyers are on edge because they do not desire him to incriminate himself with tweets while Comey is testifying. And they have a right to be concerned.

Up to this point, no one has been able to tame the Twitter beast and get Donald Trump to stop tweeting.Truthfully no one should have to tell a sane adult to be careful about what comes out of their mouth. Especially when he is president of the United States. It's possible that The Donald has already crossed a line with his tweeting and that nothing he tweets today will make a difference.