If you thought GOP Senators were any better than their House GOP associates, think again.They are trying to salvage the Health Bill atrocity that the House passed. The Senators only care about getting the bare majority needed to ensure that it will be a one party action like the Gorsuch confirmation.


The reporting on this secretive, rushed procedure is all over the map. Some stories say there is little chance of passage. Others say the Senate may come up with something close to Obamacare, an action that would ensure the failure of the bill in the House.

Others are clearly afraid of what their future will be if anything like the House Bill squeaks through. It is a predictable mess.


But enough is clear to permit the opinion that this is a shameful project that is based on Obama-hate that is firmly anchored in the brain of Donald J. Trump. There is not a scintilla of concern for health or the welfare of Americans on either side in the GOP Congress. It is the child of a 2009 dinner when the GOP decided to oppose everything that Obama did.

Conservative bill

When Obama sent a Heritage Society, insurance company-friendly bill, the GOP scorned it. The House repealed it time after time just to flex their anti-Obama muscles. The repeals were routinely rejected by the Senate.

When the GOP got the control it wanted, they passed the House Trumpcare Bil after one disastrous try. It would savage 23 million Americans, leaving them uninsured, It would cripple Medicaid. Nice bill.


The most damaging thing that could be said about the intentions behind Trumpcare is that the money it would save by crippling Obamacare would be almost exactly equal to the money we would lose if the tax gift Trump wants to bestow on the one percent were to pass.

This is robbing the poor to add to the wealth of the wealthiest.

Trump sickness

It would be delightful if I could end this with a laugh and say hey folks it ain't gonna happen. But it is entirely possible that the sickness Trump brings to governing has spread through Congress. If so the GOP Senators may conspire with the House GOP to foist on us a bill that destroys what we had in prospect.

Obamacare was an imperfect system that was making real progress. Instead, we have a guaranteed loser to please the deranged ego of a man who hates Barack Obama and does not care about the health of children. If you don't believe that, take a look at this story.

This does not make it into the MSM which is why we need places like Raw Story to get at some disturbing truths.

Best Case

Stories telling how derelict the Senate GOP is could shame a few Senators into getting out of the Trump lockstep brigade. Failing that pray for a miracle.