Prince William is one member of the royal family who paints a picture of a gentle soul. At 35, he embodies a supportive husband, father, brother, and a staunch advocate for several worthy causes.

At a time when the world is reeling from the effects of terror attacks, cyber crimes, socio-political unrest and other grim realities, the magic spun by royalty has become a near-panacea of sorts. Prince William has become widely followed not only for his adorable family but also for his all-out support for mental health.

Prince William and kin's continuing advocacy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been very busy the past several months supporting activities that spark greater awareness for mental health. In real life, the elder son of Prince Charles has shown in countless instances how caring and reassuring he can be to his own brother.

Prince Harry has been in the news lately after his revelation about the huge impact that his mother’s untimely demise made in his life. The young British Royal admitted that he avoided talking about it for years, but his older brother William has been more than an encouraging and helpful presence.

Royals converse about mental health issues

Apart from William, Kate Middleton and Harry, even high-profile celebrities like Lady Gaga have wholeheartedly taken part in important discussions to drive awareness for mental health.

The sultry singer tweeted her conversation with Prince William, where she expressed how there are times when she wakes up and can’t help but feel so tired, so sad, and so full of anxiety.

Lady Gaga expressed gratitude to the Duke of Cambridge and Heads Together for their rallying support for people to come out and speak on things revolving around mental health.

The Heads Together campaign has attained a measure of success in dispelling the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Indeed, discussing angsts and battles with mental health conditions can be life-changing, and the key role of British royals in encouraging and inspiring people has led to amazing results.

A somber national mood has crept across the United Kingdom mainly due to the successive tragedies that have befallen the nation.

It is during such tragic moments that the significance of easing the emotional and mental sufferings of people have become even more pronounced. Prince William and his family have shown one of the best ways to deal in the face of adversity.