We have all heard the old adage that we should not believe what people say and instead watch what they do. This is the approach Americans should take regarding President Trump. Little by little he is revealing his true agenda and it is not in the best interest of the working class or poor among us.

The campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump promoted himself as a man of the working class people.He also said he would look out for the poor and senior citizens. He promised jobs in American would increase and that coal mines would reopen.

The POTUS indicated that he would drain the swamp in Washington and would not show preference to the rich in the land.

Our current president promised he would not touch Medicare or Social Security and said that there would be affordable insurance for all Americans. He spent a lot of time making promises to the shrinking middle class and people believed him. Donald Trump was voted in as number 45. In four months of his presidency, however, he has done the complete opposite of everything he said regarding the haves and the have-nots among us.

The reality of a Trump presidency

The truth is that President Trump has done everything he can to take from the poor and give to those who are already rich.

He has filled his cabinet with millionaires and billionaires who cannot relate to disenfranchised Americans who are struggling to stay afloat and often must choose between medication or food. The reality of how Donald Trump feels about the poor is evident in his latest statement.

Donald Trump said that certain positions in his cabinet can only be filled by the rich and not the poor.

It looks like he is ascribing to the mentality of his spiritual leader Paula White and other prosperity preachers. I was a member of two churches that preached prosperity and I listened to Paula White 3 times when she came to the city where I live. These people believe that you surround yourself with wealthy people and it will rub off and make you wealthy.

They believe that you drain the swamp by distancing yourself from the poor.

A president for the rich only

This line of thinking with these individuals is much like Ebeneezer Scrooge who said people should die and decrease the surplus population. The super rich believe that anyone who cannot pull themselves up by the bootstrap deserves to suffer. And they blame the poor for all the bad breaks life hands them. The truth of the matter is that the poor suffer most because of those who are privileged like President Trump.

Laws are put in place that take away medical care and decreases jobs. The most affluent among us operate like another old age. They mess all over those most in need then tell them to go away because they smell bad.

Donald Trump has basically admitted that he is only a president for the rich and the poor be damned. He lied to get elected and now his actions are speaking louder than his words.

Trump promised to look out for the LBGTQ community but set laws in place to decrease their rights. He gave false hope to those who work in the mining industry because the coal miners jobs are not coming back. Our modern world is changing and depending more on natural gas. There is no more need for the coal mines as there once was. He wants to decrease coverage of Medicaid and Medicare and tamper with Social Security. All of this speaks for itself.And is very telling on President number 45.