According to The Hill website, the Republican House elections have given the trump Admin a boost on getting the news healthcare plan passed. With the Republican Party filling a large number of house seats, the new plan may take a different turn, reports The Hill. The GOP relaxed after Karen Handel beat the Democrat Jon Ossoff. The candidates were running for the Georgia seat in the house.

While the campaign was a close shave, Handel won by a landslide, ensuring that the healthcare plan may be passed. Republican Ralph Norman of South Carolina beat Democrat Archie Parnell, rounding the winner's circle for their state as well.

However, the South Carolina election lacked as much press coverage as the one in Georgia, according to The Hill.

What this means for the GOP

According to The Press Gallery website, the GOP outnumber the democrats in the house 239 to 193. This means that the bills waiting to be passed may finally get a vote. Not only that, but the Obama care repeal may get passed as well. With the price of insurance premiums under Obama care steadily rising, too many, this can’t come too soon.

According to the GOV. Track website, there are 6 bills and resolutions still up for a vote on the House floor. The GOP members are hoping that this sudden turn of events will sway the votes their way. According to the numbers, this just might happen.

With the GOP outnumbering the Democrats, anything is possible.

A new health care plan on the horizon

According to The Hill, Mitch McConnell may have a new plan that he wants to present to the House Thursday. With the problems of Obama care and Paul Ryan’s plan, a new bill may need to be reworked. At the moment, we don’t know what the new plan McConnell has for us, but we will know more about it after Thursday.

Until then, we will keep our eyes peeled. Mitch promises that the new plan will be better in the long run.

With the premiums rising in Iowa and many other states, we may be relieved to find that McConnell has the solution to outmaneuver both Obama’s and Ryan’s plan. A solution needs to be put out there soon because the rise of the cost of premiums has many people without insurance.

As a matter-of-fact, there are reports of people actually taking the IRS penalty rather that paying the high costs. It would seem that the penalty cost is drastically smaller that the insurance premiums. With that being the case, there are many uninsured Americans these days.