Most Americans prefer a two-party system where ideas get batted and bantered around until something at least remotely sensible evolves. Unfortunately, over the last decade, Democratic politics have devolved into occupying this or that, organizing violent protests, passing bills to see what is in them, and a pledge to “resist” any form of compromise. The results have been catastrophic for Democrats and curiously unsettling to Republicans and Independents who prefer the competition of two strong political entities gnawing towards each other from opposite ends of a tough jerky stick.

To that end, please accept this commentary as free consultation for Democrats to consider as Republicans enjoy their monopoly of political power.

Democrats on dark side of Moon

By claiming dueling messages of “resist” and “Trump colluded with Russia”, the Democratic Party has wasted the first six months since Pres. Trump was elected throwing an endless stream of tantrums loosely choreographed by a nearly frenetic media that has shamelessly hacked for Democrats to no avail. So here’s a message from the American people. We aren’t buying what you’re selling.

Conversely, recent Democratic messaging has been clearly rejected by voters as surely as Nancy Pelosi’s infamous 2010 directive “we have to pass the bill so that we can see what is in it” came to define Obamacare.

Clearly, Republicans can be obstructionists in their own right, however, when a political party claims “resist” as its main plank, it might as well be transmitting via walkie-talkie from the dark side of the moon.

State of decline unmistakable

The evidence of decline is unmistakable. Democrats have lost more than 900 state seats, Republicans run the White House and both houses of Congress and Pres.

Trump will likely continue to balance the Supreme Court’s front end so that it pulls more to the right. While one shouldn’t grind such dramatic losses down to a single stump, there continues to be (as the warden in Cool Hand Luke said) “a failure to communicate”.

So, for the sake of an enduring two-party system, here’s what Democratic leaders must do.

Write down on a piece of paper the five most important political planks in your agenda (we must assume you have an agenda) using as few words as possible. Make no mistake, voters are not stupid, nor are we “deplorable” or “irredeemable”. We can’t all be as brilliant as Pelosi, however, like Forrest Gump, we “know what love is” and we’re not feeling it from the Democrats.

What we need to hear from Democrats is what they can do for us, as Americans. We don’t need you to slice and dice us into little segments and groups to play against one another so that you can win elections. As you know by now, that can create quite the backlash and produce unintended consequences. What we demand from Party leadership is a real agenda to benefit all Americans - otherwise, we will continue to “resist” your resistance.