"Hampstead" was directed by Joel Hopkins and written by Rob Festinger. Stephen Warbeck worked as the movies, musical composer. The movie focuses on an American widow who falls in love with a man who lives in a man-made shack on Hampstead Heath. The movie is a romantic drama starring actors such as Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson.

Brilliant chemistry between Emily and Donald

The two main characters of the movie, Emily, and Donald, are played by Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson. Keaton and Gleeson have spectacular on screen chemistry which is all important to the plot.

The chemistry is what connects these two very different characters in the movie and eventually leads to their romantic relationship. Characters Emily and Donald fall for each other in a natural way portraying an idealized version of romance. This beautiful romantic atmosphere grasps the audience from beginning to end.

The relationship between Donald and Emily is hilarious as the rich woman and the self-sufficient man crosses over into each other's lives. Brendan Gleeson brings a hilarity to the role of Donald as he plays a simple-minded man from Ireland. From his side-splitting introduction to Emily's son to witty quips throughout, Gleeson was the perfect actor to cast for the role of Donald.

Not only does he bring a natural comedic element he also captures the hearts of the audience with his sorrowful past and unstable future. Donald lost his partner to cancer and never got a chance to say goodbye. Now, he faces being homeless as he is faced with being evicted from his shack. Emily supports Donald as the shack he built is in danger of being taken away.

'Hampstead' did have some confusing moments

While the majority of the movie had a wonderful flow to it, there were moments when the plot was interrupted. One such moment was when Emily and Donald win the trial and the land of Hampstead Heath is awarded to Donald. One would think after watching the on-screen battle for the home that Emily would move in with her love and they would live happily ever after in the shack Donald built from scratch.

However, instead, the plot takes a major turn when Emily confronts Donald about not wanting their future to be in a man-made shack. The audience is thrown through a loop as the widow suddenly changes her views of Donald's home. Furthermore, an argument between the pair leads to them breaking up. The love story that was crafted explodes without warning. This interrupts the flow of "Hampstead" and creates an imbalance in the plot.

"Hampstead" has received mixed reviews. According to The Dailymail, the film is lightweight, disappointing and middle-brow. However, The Guardian gives the movie a good review referring to the wonderful efforts of the cast.