Over the last 48 hours, the top story that has dominated the news cycle has been over Donald Trump and his executive order that restricts Muslim refugees into the United States. Backlash quickly followed, with some Republicans even speaking out against the alleged "Muslim ban."

McCain on Trump

During the year and a half that he was on the campaign trail, Donald Trump vowed to come down hard on Islamic terrorist groups in an attempt to prevent the spread of extremism into the country. On Friday, just a week after taking the oath of office, Trump had signed multiple executive orders dealing with a variety of issues.

One of the issues at hand was the aforementioned executive order that restricted immigration from seven different countries in the Middle East. When some Muslims were detained at airports around the country on Saturday, massive protests quickly broke out in opposition. As seen on the January 29 edition of "Face the Nation" on CBS, Arizona Sen. John McCain has decided to speak out.

Joining host John Dickerson was Sen. John McCain who broke away from Donald Trump and the White House's recent executive order.

"I think the effect will probably in some areas give ISIS some more propaganda," McCain told Dickerson on Sunday morning.

John McCain, who is also the chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, also expressed his concern that the "Muslim ban" will have an impact on translators who have assisted the military.

"What about the Iraqi pilots training in Tucson, Ariz. learning to fly the F-16?” McCain wondered, admitting that he was "very concerned" about the recent decisions. In addition, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has also spoken out against Trump's action.

Next up

As protests were taking place at various locations in the United States on Saturday night, a federal judge ordered a temporary "stay," which limits the executive order put in place by President Donald Trump.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the administration on behalf of two Iraqi detainees who were stopped at Kennedy International Airport over the weekend. On Sunday morning, Trump defended himself from the criticism by ranting on Twitter. As of press time, the Trump administration doesn't appear willing to change course, though they have pushed back their restriction of banning green card holders.