Donald Trump looks to be in serious trouble. His firing of the Fbi Director James Comey has upped the ante. Bookies are now betting greater odds on a Trump impeachment. The odds have jumped to 1-3 on Trump getting impeached. In November the odds that Trump would be impeached were 3/1. The odds are now quoted as 4/6 which means that there is 60 percent chance that Trump will leave the White House. The bets increased the moment the news came in that the FBI director James Comey had been sacked. The Irish bookmaker Paddy Power commented on this upsurge against Trump saying, " we can attribute this to the news of Comey's sacking".

This has been reported by the Daily Mail. as per reports many bookies are placing big bets on Trump being impeached. If one adds the extremely low approval rating of his stint in office, then the results look ominous. It is worth pointing out that no such betting took place when Obama became president. Online gambling is still largely restricted in many states in the USA, so the information is basically from outside the USA.

Comparison with Richard Nixon

Many are drawing a comparison with the action of Richard Nixon in 1973. At that time he had sacked almost the entire Judicial department as well as the independent prosecutor in a midnight move. Unfortunately, it did not save him and he had to go, as the house got ready to impeach him.

Trump has similarly been under pressure on the Russian connection. Come what may this news is not dying down and it is irritating Trump. With Comey looking more and more untrustworthy Trump took the lame excuse of wrong representations of Secretary Clinton's emails to sack the FBI director. It is crystal clear that this is just a ruse and his main fear was that Comey who has a penchant for publicity, may implicate him or his team in some way with Russia.

In such an eventuality, Trump would have no escape route.

Bookies and betting agents

Bookies have their ears and noses to the ground. They have an uncanny knack of sensing what may happen. Donald's impeachment is a hot subject among betting agents. Some of the punters are betting huge sums on the president not completing his term and getting impeached.

As things stand both houses are controlled by the Republicans and on the face of it the chance of an impeachment looks unlikely. But god forbid something comes up and points to the Russian connection then it will be the end of Donald Trump. Republicans or Democrats will not countenance treason. The betting is in full swing as we await the next scene in this play.