The bill of particulars that should lead to Donald Trump's removal from office is not hidden from view. We have watched it on television, read it in newspapers and online and lived with it for long enough. There is one overarching reason why we should already know that the right thing to do is be rid of Trump.

No president is above the law

A president does not have to claim to be above the law if actions prove intent. Trump has been clear on several occasions that he considers himself above the law.

He has proposed policies that are unconstitutional and defended them on grounds that are themselves unconstitutional.

As a public figure, he must be held to what he has said. He has said that he could murder someone and not be prosecuted.

"No one can touch me"

This is the statement of a man who clearly feels he is above the law. And if he felt that back during the campaign when this outlandish claim was made, he must surely feel it more when he holds the levers of power and has moved to secure them with every appointment he has made.

This speech of the president is protected by the sacred right of freedom of speech. But it stands as the public utterance of one who wishes to be and who becomes the leader of the free world. Has any reporter asked if he feels differently now?

A more salient proof

From the outset, Trump's underlying agenda has been to establish white rule as much as possible in the future in "America".

This is in a defiance of the Constitution which is inclusive and favors no race or religion.

Everything he has done follows the Steve Bannon-Pam Geller-Donald Trump thinking that sees the world divided between whites and the rest of "them". The only real allies Trump seeks are power rulers who support him and nations where the ethos is against tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy, values traditionally regarded as being Christian.

A sad truth

The sad truth is that many Americans now incline toward the same perspective. A recent Harvard study suggests that half of affluent millennials would have little problem living in a police state or under a military regime.

I suspect a poll of Christian evangelicals would reveal a similar erosion in values enshrined in our Bill of Rights and Constitution. If conservatives of the likes of Senators Graham and McCain cannot see how bad Trump is for the country, we are in for a very difficult time and it is not far off.

Trump needs to go. He should be put in the corner and have his mouth washed out with soap and water. He is not tough. He is a dictator well on the way to success.