The world is watching the American justice syste, seemingly fail. President Donald Trump continues to get away with one thing after another, with no repercussions. He dances around the periphery of impeachment, without having all his ducks in a row. All the dots, however, are about to connect and many Americans will be elated. Donald Trump could even be removed from office.

A liar who manipulated from the beginning

During his campaign, Donald Trump said that Ted Cruz' father was responsible for the shooting of President John Kennedy. He also said he was going to see that "crooked Hillary" was locked up.

There has been no evidence that suggests Ted Cruz' father had anything to do with the assassination of JFK. And Hillary Clinton is a free woman.

Within his first three months in office, the president has manipulated Americans almost daily. He accused former president Barack Obama of spying on him at Trump Tower and promised he had facts to back it up. Not one shred of evidence to corroborate this fake news has come to light. Michael Flynn and James Comey were fired. And then there is Russia.

Russia is the golden goose

Every time it seems answers regarding Russia are about to be revealed, the president makes a move to distract and redirect the attention of Americans. Twitter is his bully pulpit.

Obstruction of justice and treason continue to float around, but nothing as of yet, has been able to stick. Firing the FBI director who is investigating him, and practically admitting to Lester Holt that Russia was the reason, could be the closing the lid on the coffin of Trump's presidency.

The dots are beginning to connect, and the chickens about to come home to roost.

President Trump now is alienating republicans, and his fan base continues to decrease. The entire world is watching and it is only a matter of time. Donald Trump is skating on thin ice, and about to fall in deep. The necessary information that will prove without a doubt he has obstructed justice on more than one occasion will be made public.

The hateful tweets will come back to bite him. Disrespecting foreign leaders and turning the oval office into a circus, will cease. Proceedings to impeach will begin.

It's time for Americans to be united as one for the greater good of all. Those who have remained loyal to the president, need to put U.S. citizens first. It's better to impeach this one man and remove him from office, than for the entire nation to suffer. The lies and manipulations need to stop and integrity must be restored to the White House.