Today's transit is a lovely one for the sensually oriented. Your body is your temple, and it is a great couple of days for worship! Try to prepare your food as though you were a religious monk celebrating the deity of pleasure: eat loads of fresh fruits(organic taste better), vegetables, whole grains, and your favorite flavors. Your body is a sacred ornament :polish it within and without with exercise (yoga massages your internal organs, swimming gives you a boost of energy and walking clears your mind) and exfoliating baths (oats and chopped pear is a great mixture to put on your skin, for example).


Your sensitive heart may be touched by anger this day, but you need to overcome it in the morning. You will really be able to get down to business today, with the present astral configuration. This is a wonderful opportunity to allow some of your more tender feelings to surface, and to share them with someone you sincerely love and admire. If you still find it difficult to speak face-to-face, then a love letter or a poem will also make them feel like a million dollars. If you are married, go on a date. You do not need to do anything special to feel special, a good walk, a movie in a cinema or visiting a museum will bring back some of your sweet memories. If you are single, you have a high chance to meet somebody who really attracts you today.

Do not be afraid to make the starting move towards them! They might like you as much as you like them but might be afraid to show it. You may have the chance to take them out somewhere very romantic and using the power of intimate conversation, you can turn it into the relationship that you have wished for a long ago.


This day seems to be the most likely time for you to make a firm move in the direction of your financial revolution.

Your Money, house, income, business, taxation, insurance, legacy, apartment, charity and possessions are all involved — and maybe something else not on that list! You are really just doing what has made sense since 2011, which is to forget about what is ‘supposed’ to be there, or has ‘always’ been a rule. If you want success, you will have to be brave and stay motivated though.

You may receive an important business call around between 10 am and 2 pm. The other parties involved in an issue may not have enough information to make the most educated decision, so this is your time to reveal your perspective and show your abilities! Take it as an opportunity to use your voice.