Pinch me. Ouch. I'm still here. I just read the article that is referenced in the tweet below and if I get what it is saying I am here to alert you. That man on the left up there next to his happy compadre is about to succeed in generating the first real hurt from his ill-conceived war on the black guy he built his campaign for the presidency on. This is all about trump-Obama hatred. It's birther fallout. It goes back to the fifties when Woody Guthrie flagged Old Man Trump in a song about the exclusion of blacks from a Trump apartment complex.

Short story

The story is short and bitter. There is a matter of subsidies built into Obamacare to keep Medicaid afloat. Cut to the end. By the end of Trump's inhumane assault, medicare will be disabled. It will be on life support. Millions will have been harmed, hurt or killed. This will free up money, almost to the penny, Trump proposes to give to the one percent in tax cuts. Never mind. We hope we will never get to this Trump nightmare come true.

Likely event

The first step in bringing about the crisis noted above is presaged in the story embedded below. Trump is seeking a 90-day delay in a case aimed at closing off those Affordable Care Act subsidies. This would seem good news, but as with many Trump acts it is either cruel or careless.

Insurers must decide by June 21 if they will even be in the exchanges that enable the purchase of insurance. If the delay is granted, companies can either explode their rates or leave the exchanges.

Deep soup

If this scenario plays out we are in a deep soup. All to humiliate a former president and enable Mr. Trump to claim he has "repealed and replaced" when in fact he has carelessly exposed the law to a wrecking ball.

The cause of all this is the House GOP desire to kill Medicaid. Medicaid is the first step to what we all need which is basically a plan that covers all, and into which all pay. People who want concierge service can pay all they want but no one should go without care.

Light at the end of the scare stuff

The last sentence of the short dispatch below says that Congress is working to ensure that the subsidies flow.

Our prayer should be that the prospect of killing Medicare becomes known to enough of an extent to induce fear even in the righteous followers of Mr. Trump so that sanity can return to Congress in the form of legislators who do not want to kill medicare. Such legislators do not care what happens to the victims. In a different world, they would be judged insane.