You may feel like it is your responsibility to take care of everyone in your social circle. If you love someone, your brain might translate this into thinking that you need to be the caretaker. If you do not take somebody under your wing, maybe you see yourself as selfish or unkind. Dismiss these emotions. Other people's feelings are not your responsibility. Do not let another person's well-being become your project. Those ambivalent feeling are likely to be created to hide other issues. Strangely enough, although you are used to feeling distant and alone, right now you are feeling the opposite.

You are passionately desperate to show your sweetest and kindest self who really cares for others. You may find this quite disturbing, as it is not your usual way in relationships. Yet, it may be good to get a taste of your own medicine.


Communication is the issue of the day, with the planets' alignment at play today. However, you will find this very peasant and also very reassuring in terms of the new relationship that you have either started or are on the verge of starting. Despite previous appearances on the contrary, you will find that you have so much in common that you are just thrilled to have found each other. Also, enjoy being around your most intimate circle.


Give yourself an inch and you might take a mile!

I recommend you bring that tendency poolside. Swimming is an exercise that benefits the body and mind and it is not such an expensive sport. Whether you are a beginner or a former high-school champion, you should try to integrate this lovely, low-impact sport into your life. It strengthens your capacity while toning your whole body, and once you get on a roll it can be like meditation.

Weather permitting, it is a wonderful bonus to be outside. If not, your local gym is likely to have an indoor pool which you can use.


If you do not know how to solve an issue at your workplace, do not get frustrated -- it's not going to help. Try the first thing that comes into your head instead, because there is not much else you can do about it.

As soon as you find out that you have way more flexibility than you thought, you win. There is no doubt that you are way ahead of the others. Keep in mind, though, that they are working with you, not against you. If a meeting is cancelled today, leave work behind and go out for a refreshing walk instead of staying inside. You certainly need a little "you" time.